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First and Foremost


In my life, I have worn many hats and life's experiences has brought me to this moment - here with you in a new state of self awareness. 

For the last 5 years I have devoted my learning and exploring to the world of healing and the empowerment of others. I am deeply interested in  the creative sub-concsious mind; It is a mysterious, illuminating and deeply profound land.

I love to create art: I am a photographer,  writer and surface designer and textile artist. I find it great fun to dance; and sing. 

Nature is my eaqualizer and spend as much time with her as possible. And meditation is a tremendously important aspect of my personal practice and the balance of my life. Inwardly and externally - I am surrounded by Love.   

I began this journey into the healing world and the deeply creative world of the sub-concious mind, when life did what it does - changed... dramatically, I left a 22 year long profession in textiles, teaching and ethical trade. My two beautiful sons were leaving the nest and a dear marriage of 25 years was coming to a peaceful end. Change was upon me.

And from the sky I was presented with a new idea... A brand new wonderful idea.  

 I have always understood that living life in step with the perfect rhythm and sway of life's dance is our nature and birthright, so when love fell in my lap in the form of Dane Stevens, I was instantly interested in the healing work he was bringing forward to the world.  I could not deny the timing or the kismet at play. Becoming a facilitator of Soul Re-cognition and  NTHP  was one of the most easy and natural things I have ever done. I immediately saw them to be extremely creative tools that would help me deepen all aspects of my life.  From my personal healing and growth to my meditation practice; my artwork, my writing,  and my physicality and of course and my relationships. 

This work has opened a world to me I did not know existed.

Sr. Facilitator NTHP & SRC


I am a Senior Facilitator of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process & The Soul Re-Cognition Processes. The 'senior' title means I am qualified to train others.

My mentor is Dane Stevens - the founder of both NTHP and Soul Re-Cognition. For his story and the details of how this work was developed - I highly recommed that you read his book - Reclaim Your Power: An Introduction to the Neuro Trauma Healing Process. The integrity and dedication to healing that this work encompasses is a beautiful thing. 

My personal journey through the healing process was illuminating; painful yet beautiful; inspiring and thrilling all at the same time. I was gently taken into the crevices and corners of my being and brought the beliefs and experiences that were holding me hostage out into the sunshine, where I literally saw them dissipate. 

Self Awareness: It was at this time I knew I wanted to share this experience - this healing with others.

Learning to facilitate the processes took me even further. It helped me to understand - the most fundamental relationship we ALL have regardless of circumstance is our relationship with our self; our soul. It comes first and nurturing ourself from the inside out is what creates a rounded, grounded person fulfilling the life they came here to live.

With awareness and connection to our inner self; we all have the ability to access the wisdom, creativity and love we all carry within. To be at one with who we truly are is where true happiness, love and allowance originates. It is a journey of the self!

 What I do as a facilitator is provide a natural and gentle space and guide a client to the safe opening of their subconscious mind – their most powerful creative faculty.  

I invite you to try an introductory session to see it first hand - see if it is a fit for you. It may be the most important journey you ever go on. It was for me!

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Tarot Reader


While I always suspected I was highly empathic, my work as an NTHP & SRC facilitator confirmed it and showed me what a valuable tool it can be when harnessed. The meditative nature of the work and the deep listening I do as a facilitator opened a psychic door for me. 

I have always been drawn to the art of divination and collected tarot cards for the sheer love of the artistry of the imagery. The historical story fascinated me, but I did not ever think I could be a reader. But one day, through my personal practice with Soul Re-Cognition, I was directed to take a class in tarot and I followed the cue.  

It felt like going home! And to my delight the cards literally spoke to me and have taken me to a new level of intuitive knowing that I had not known before. I discovered that I am clairempathic. I perceive information by a "feeling" within my whole body. I tune into the attitude, emotion of another person. I have a strong sense of vibration and "feel" the state of a person's energy system.

I use the tarot to help people embark into the examination and self - hoping to inspire self awareness and feel the empowerment of free will. When I read, the cards direct us to what you already know - at the sub-conscious (Higher Self) level. They speak of the things you may have blinders or blocks to.They provide insight to why they are there and what you can do about it. And! they remind you that you are a powerful creator with the free will to create the life you want.

Interested? Curious? You are a spiritual being - it feels good to remember that doesn't it?

I invite you to book a reading and we will explore it together!

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Right Brain Creativity


For over twenty years I have taught classes in Creativity, Textile Art and Design.

I have specialized experience in Natural Dyeing, Indigo Dyeing, Blockprinting and a wide range of Design and Colour practices. For 18 years I was resident instructor and co-ordinator and archivist for the world reknowned Maiwa Handprints; Maiwa Textile Symposium. My education was unconventional and am forever learning.  I am self taught, and have learned on the 'job' - in the dye room - in the studio - in the kitchen; in the presence of the worlds most skilled artisans, contemporary and traditional craftspeople and teachers and innovators around the globe.

Currently, I am thrilled to be exploring the intensely creative world of the unconscious realm and am now combining hands on art and writing with right brain/ left brain techniques of tapping into the subconscious for deeply creative and fulfilling inner guidance. 

The meditation and writing techniques from Soul Re-cognition puts you in direct contact with your inner self; this connection is a very powerful and has deepened my self expression. and has literally opened me up to a self awareness and creative experience I never dreamed existed 

Interested? I am offering workshops and seminars. Please check it out!  

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