Soul Re-Cognition

Your Spirituality and Health

Soul Re-Cognition (SRC) is process that will enhance your spirituality and health. It is for those ready and wanting to connect with their most powerful creative faculty. Those ready to dissolve the blocks within that prevent you from hearing your own personal  guidance system, your innate  intuition and our sensitive intelligence. Soul Re-Cognition will help you to resolve negative patterns that prevent you from living the life you dream of. It is for those who are ready to recognize, re-discover, and connect with their inner guidance team; your wise authentic self and your group of archetypes that represent the deepest layers of your nature. 

The process will elevate your emotional health, physical health, your passion, your talents, your relationships, your potential and your self expression.  You will create a compassionate relationship with your inner self and nurture all aspects of you being… from the Inner Child to the Lover; the Magician; the Warrior and the Sovereign within us all. Nurturing these relationships will uncover your true gifts; passions and purpose. 

For those who began with NTHP – Soul Re-cognition is the natural next step.  In this work you will come to see first hand that you are a powerful creator with the free will to create the life you want.

How It Works

Spirituality and Practice: Through a combination of alternate hand writing, guided meditation and right/ left brain exercises. You will learn how to trust your inner guidance system and free yourself of destructive patterns and harmful beliefs that get in the way of actualizing your full potential. You will tap into your own personal wisdom and move into a life of spirituality and genuine - overall good health. Right this moment you have everything you need within to understand what you need to heal, thrive and soar. Uncover it with Soul Re-Cognition.

What I Do As A Facilitator

What I do as a facilitator is provide a natural and gentle space and guide you to the safe opening of you subconscious mind – your most powerful creative faculty; I guide you on your personal path spirituality and health.

I teach you how to take the work over for yourself and help you prepare your tool kit for life.


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