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Tarot is the art of cartomancy. It it has been used as a powerful tool for divination since the 14th century.   As a modern day tarot reader, I use tarot as a means for self discovery. I act as an interpreter and read the meanings and the map of the cards.  Within a spread, the cards speak in relationship to each other and can provide great insight to questions, healings and decisions - not to mention clarity around relationships and why we act the way we do in them

My call to tarot opened a new door of psychic ability for me. It has not only increased my intuition, but has raised my empathic ability and has given it direction and purpose in helping those I read for. In a reading I encourage and help you develop your own personal intuition. I will help you see the things you are blind to and help you access what you already know at the sub-conscious level. A reading with me will remind you that you are a powerful creator with the free will to create the life you want.

So - Sit down, slow down, focus your intention and attention in a tarot reading. I will help you access your intuition with this age old tool of divination.

Through the messages the cards deliver it is possible to receive insights and clarity that reconnect us with the divine.

Also... it is fun!!

1 Hour & 1/2 Hour Tarot Readings

  • One on One Sessions are private and confidential.

  • Gift Certificates are available.
  • You can be anywhere in the world!!
  • In the comfort of your own home via ZOOM – (a  free Skype like program).
  • Or in person at the beautiful and cozy Extraordinary Life Office or The Oracle Emporium - both in North Vancouver.

  • We will schedule a time suitable to both of us and decide on the location.  

Group Reading & Parties

Please Contact me to discuss bringing tarot to your friends and colleagues through home or office gatherings.

Please contact me for more information.


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1 Hour Tarot or Tea Leaf Readings


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90 Min Tarot or Tea Leaf Reading


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45 Min Tarot Reading


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1/2 Hour Tarot Reading


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Link To The Oracle Emporium


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Tuesday afternoons and Every 2nd Saturday, I do readings out of the gorgeous, metaphysical shop The Oracle in North Vancouver. 

The last Saturday of every month I do readings at the Whistler location!!! 

So fun!

Here is a link for more information.