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Tea leaf reading

Recently, my grandmother gave me the gift of a beautiful red and gold china teacup and considering she departed this world 30+ years ago and only knew me as a  wee child so it is a treasured and beloved gift. 

It came to me through a cousin who did not know that I read tea leaves. She was just passing on an heirloom. I was then to find out through another relative that Grammy herself was a tea leaf reader too. But did so on the hush hush ....  the church was strict on these  matters. She read secretively for only close friends and relatives.

As long as there has been tea to drink there have been tea leaf readers. Tasseography - the art of tea leaf reading is  a divination method that  interprets patterns and symbols of the left over leaves or sediment in a cup of tea. A reading is ceremonial. We enjoy our cups of tea together and perform  a series of rituals that point us toward the messages in the cup. As well I will  scry (gaze) into the cup and receive intuitive messages for you.  A reading can bring clarity to life's most complex questions.

This is a social experience. It is not uncommon for ancestors to drop in for a visit.  

Please Contact me with questions!

60 Min or 90 min Readings

  • Tea leaf Readings are ceremonial and at least one hour is necessary.
  • Ofter Tea Leaf Readings are accompanied with Psychic Intuitive and tarot  impressions

  • Must be in-person in the comfort of your own home or at the beautiful and cozy Extraordinary Life Office or The Oracle Emporium - both in North Vancouver.   

  • We will schedule a time suitable to both of us and decide on the location.

  • Gift Certificates are available.   

Group Reading & Parties

Please Contact me to discuss bringing Tea Leaf Readings to your friends and colleagues through home or office gatherings. 

Learn how to read tea leaves yourself!

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Tea Leaf Reading $120 - 60 / Min $155 - 90 Min