Client Testimonials

Due to the private nature of this work and the need for confidentiality, the identity of my clients is protected in these testimonials.

(Re: NTHP)

Client Testimonial

In 2009 I was in a car accident and severely  injured. It left me severely disabled for 4 years until I could get  proper treatment for my brain injury. As a result, I had a mental health  breakdown – experiencing clinical depression and went through a lot of  therapy.

When  I came to the NTHP, I was still experiencing pain and terrible  headaches. I was irritable – especially with my daughter and withdrawn  from socializing. I had great difficulty concentrating and had a hard  time getting simple, daily-life things done.

Also,  I would experience great anxiety driving over the bridge where the  accident happened. I would pass the spot at least two times a day and  the anxiety was terrible. After my first introductory session,

I knew immediately that NTHP was for me.This  work has been huge for me and I am blown away that the guidance (for my  healing) came from within me. This alone was very empowering.  

After  only the second session, my headaches drastically reduced. I am no  longer popping pain pills and am sleeping without the aid of them. I am a  much happier and relaxed person and my daughter tells me how nice I am  now! My concentration is so much better and I am able to keep on top of  the household chores. I am socializing more and am making many new  friends… oh! and it seems my attraction light is lit once again!

One  of the most effective things Anne took me through was a guided  meditation in which I walked away from the accident. My anxiety is  completely gone and I can now pass the accident site without being  triggered and really, I am now a much better, confident driver.

I  am blown away by the deep wisdom I have within me and have gained much  clarity on the root causes of many issues. I received amazing clarity on  beliefs I had running within me about my identity and my contribution  to many of the negative events of my life.

Everybody  who goes through any sort of therapy; especially clinical depression or  are dealing with the effects of an accident, - 100% definitely should  engage in this work. I  really loved having Anne as my facilitator; she was very compassionate  and really “with me” through it all. She helped me to see what I was  telling myself.It is amazing what you can do for yourself by going through this process and it is amazing the healing you get from it.

Outstanding! Well worth it.

(Re: NTHP)

Client Testimonial

For me, the true test of healing is whether it has lasting effects. I now have more good days than bad. And have a new tool to help when I lose my way. Better yet, to use when I first begin losing my way. Because once in the depths, no manner of knowledge, awareness or resources seem to help. I must then simply ride the darkness out.   

I have been on a healing path off and on for 32 years now. Personally, I have chosen to go very deep in my healing. Given my nature, I simply must. For me, the path of healing and forever growing is life-long. 

The NTHP work that I did was painful, but, and I emphasize BUT, the pain had purpose, had direction. Which made it unlike the pain of going round and round, the pain of denial and repression, the pain of suffering over and over, going nowhere.    My therapist, 

Anne Babchuk, in addition to her skill and wise experience, had another quality I admired deeply. She allowed her weaknesses and vulnerabilities to be present when they appeared, during her work with me. She brought her entire self to each session, let herself be human like the rest of us. For this I was deeply grateful and would have tolerated no less from her.   

 For me, the work was all about the integration of parts of myself that were cast out at a time and age when that was the best, sometimes only, option available. Once returned to my awareness, acknowledged, re-assured and loved with all of the resources I have now, these wounded parts were more than willing to settle down, take their proper place in my memories and stop sabotaging my life.

 When they do pop up again, from time to time, and they will do, I now know how to provide for them so they can again feel re-assured, be at peace and work with, not against me.   

 If I do the work that I have learned BEFORE I slide too deep into despair, I can prevent the slide. If I choose to ignore the work required, I slide and then it is too late to do anything about it; I am debilitated and must simply wait things out. 

My choice. I now have the tools.  

(Re: NTHP)

Client Testimonial

I would like to share my experience with you regarding this healing process. 

Initially,  I was very skeptical of this process if it would be of benefit for me.  Over the span of 40 years I had tried so many types of therapy from the  conventional to the unconventional. I wasn’t sure if yet another attempt  would be of any use for me, not to mention the expense I had spent over  the last decades, was I willing to try yet again?  I am so extremely grateful that I did continue on.  

Noticeable changes in my life have included:

 · I am no longer reactive to 45 years of dealing with PTSD. That statement alone is life alternating. Family, friends and colleagues have noted the remarkable changes.  

· Since earliest childhood, I had what I thought was a physical limitation. I was unable to take any deep breaths. It  did not even occur to me that this was something that could have been  from an emotional trauma. I had the assumption it was just my lung  capacity; it was just smaller than normal.It  may seem a simple thing to anyone else, but to be able to breathe  deeply and freely is immense. From this alone, I am more relaxed and can  sleep more deeply. 

· I  have more self confidence, and feel empowered. I am engaged and more  relaxed in my life, including being with my family, friends and  colleagues.  

· I  have opened up to an inner world that I did not think was possible. I  have struggled with any type of writing, journaling, and envied those  that could do so. It is to my greatest astonishment and delight that I  can participate in writing which is so profound.  

I am in awe with the compassion and integrity of my facilitator as I was guided through my process of healing.  

Deep healing is possible; do not hesitate to immerse yourself.