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Neuro Trauma Healing

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This is an exploration of the Self and perhaps one of most important journeys you will take in your lifetime.

By healing trauma, you heal your past!

Safely access the place within you that holds the negative energy from past experiences and your deepest fixed beliefs and bring them gently into the light of the  present moment and release them. For good.

Come back to the authentic you. Live the life you came here to live.

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Soul Re-Cognition

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Naturally re-connect back to your inner guidance system; your higher Self - your SOURCE.  

This process will elevate your emotional, physical and spiritual health your passion, your talents and expression, your relationships and potential.  You will be healing spirit and creating compassionate relationship with your inner self. You will nurture all aspects of you being… from your Inner Child to the Lover; the Magician; the Warrior and the Sovereign.

When your sub-conscious mind and your  conscious mind are in alignment, what you desire will become manifest.

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Tarot Readings


Sit down, slow down, focus your intention and attention in a tarot reading. I will help you access your intuition with this powerful tool that has been used for self discovery and reflection since the 14th century.  

As a modern day tarot reader, I act as an interpreter  of the cards and offer their messages to you. And as a Professional Intuitive and Empath, I also share  messages, insights, guidance and inspiration through intuition and spirit connection. 

Inspired messages and energy healings will help you to awaken to your Soul Self and guide you to transforming restraint to freedom - confusion to clarity 

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Tea Leaf Readings


As long as there has been tea to drink there have been tea leaf readers. Tasseography - the art of tea leaf reading is  a divination method that  interprets patterns and symbols of the left over leaves or sediment in a cup of tea.

A tea leaf reading is ceremonial. We enjoy our cups of tea together and perform  a series of rituals that point us toward the messages in the cup. As well I will  scry (gaze) into the cup and receive intuitive messages for you.  A reading can bring clarity to life's most complex questions. 

This is a social experience. It is not uncommon for ancestors to drop in for a visit.  

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Private Gatherings


I will bring Tarot, Tea Leaf or Flower Readings to YOU!

* Corporate Events

* Private Readings in your home.

*  Parties in your home or office.


* Private or Group  Meditation Instruction

* Private or Group Psychic Development Instruction

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Workshops and Circles

meditation, supplies, greeting cards, cards, shawls, singing bowls, candles, crystals

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What is the Neuro Trauma Healing & The Soul Re-Cognition Process?

Dane Stevens, founder and developer explains how healing trauma is healing spirit in this interview with the brothers Zaremba on Vancouver Real

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One On One NTHP & SRC


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Tarot Readings


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